MSNBC’s Joy Reid: Trump Fans ‘White Americans Who Feel Left Out of Obama’s America’


Prior to Donald Trump‘s (not-so-) massive Friday evening rally at an Alabama football stadium, MSNBC’s Joy Reid offered her take on who composes the majority of the billionaire developer’s support base.

“I think what you have with Trump, and what I see as his base, is not just the far-right, but the right,” she told Hardball host Chris Matthews, “and it’s a lot of Republicans who are disgruntled with the Republican party.”

According to Reid, there’s a racial element here as well:

It’s white Republicans. It’s mostly white male Republicans and it’s basically white Americans who feel left out of Obama’s America; who are peeved with the fact that their preferred party can’t seem to beat Obama; and who want to hear a guy be able to stand up and be as politically incorrect as they can’t be. They’d get fired from their jobs if they put on Facebook some of the things Trump said. But here’s a guy who can say what he wants to. Be a man’s man and get out there and be the kind of Ronald Reaganesque kind of America where we what we want, said what we want, pushed the world around, and told them to go to hell if we wanted to.

Before people dismiss Reid’s analysis as simply partisan sniping, I’d urge them to also read Ben Domenech‘s somewhat similar take over at The Federalist, which argued that the Trump phenomenon reflects a troubling shift towards “a coalition focused on white identity politics.”

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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