Mueller Refutes Trump’s Characterization of Probe: ‘It Is Not a Witch Hunt’


Rep. Adam Schiff managed to lay out the “sweeping and systematic” Russian interference effort in the 2016 presidential election and following coverup in his grilling of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“When Donald Trump called your investigation a witch hunt, that is also false, is it not?” Schiff asked. Mueller said he likes to think so. “Your investigation is not a witch hunt, is it?” Schiff asked again. “It is not a witch hunt,” said  Mueller.

Schiff also asked Mueller if when the president said Russian interference was a hoax, it was false. Mueller affirmed that the president falsely said Russian interference accusations were a hoax.

Schiff asked if the president was lying when he said had no business dealings in Russia. “I think there is some question about when this was accomplished,” Mueller said.

“You would consider a billion dollar deal to build a tower in Moscow to be business dealings. Wouldn’t you, Mr. Mueller?” said Schiff. “Absolutely,” said Mueller.

Schiff asked Mueller whether Trump campaign associates Michael Flynn, George Papad0poulos, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and Michael Cohen had been found to be lying during interviews for the investigation. Mueller said they had.

Mueller answered Schiff in the affirmative that the Russians made outreach to the Trump campaign and the Trump campaign welcomed the help of the Russians. He said he didn’t know for sure whether anyone associated with the Trump campaign had ever called the FBI to report it.

He also confirmed that when approached with dirt on the Hillary campaign, the president’s son Donald Trump Jr. said the campaign would love it, and that the president himself called on the Russians to hack Hillary’s emails.

Schiff also questioned Mueller on whether members of the Trump campaign had financial ties to Russia. Mueller confirmed that Manafort was trying to achieve debt forgiveness from a Russian oligarch, Flynn was trying to make money in Turkey, and Trump had a real estate deal in Moscow.

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