WATCH: NBC Correspondent Hit By Fireworks While Covering Chaotic Protest in Seattle


NBC News correspondent Jo Ling Kent was caught in a frightening situation on Monday night as she covered protests in Seattle following the death of George Floyd.

Kent wore a gas mask and was escorted by a security detail as she reported from a baseball field on the seventh night of demonstrations. As she described the movements of the police, Kent was hit by fireworks, which prompted her to run with her team amid screams and the sounds of explosions.

Kent tried to carry on with her report from a fence on the edge of the field, but as the situation drew increasingly chaotic, MSNBC host Brian Williams expressed concern before cutting away and saying “maybe the best thing to do here is for Jo Ling and her crew to be sure about their safety, and we can surmise the rest from her reporting.”

In a Twitter post after the incident, Kent wrote that her team was “ok and safe.”

“I’m totally fine – my jacket sleeve got singed and that’s it,” she wrote.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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