White House Posts Propaganda Video of Trump’s Church Photo Op and Twitter Tears it to Pieces


The official White House Twitter account posted an absurd propaganda video of Trump’s teargas-enabled church photo op, and Twitter blue checks called it out for the simpering stunt it was.

On Monday, police and National Guard troops descended on peaceful protesters in Lafayette Park in order to clear the way for Trump to stroll over to St. John’s Episcopal Church so he could pose with a Bible like it was some award from a group he’d never heard of but was still willing to accept an award from because he likes awards.

Shortly after midnight, The White House posted a surreal propaganda video of the event that featured an inspirational musical score beneath footage of Trump’s stunt, and quicker than you can say “Two Coronthians,” prominent Twitter users took it apart.

Meena Harris, niece of Senator and VP short-lister Kamala Harris, helpfully added some visual context to the video, one of several users with helpful hints:

That violent context was a theme among the responses, as well as the church’s own disgust at the stunt.

The call-outs were international as well.

Comparisons were made.

The Antichrist is bad, but that Karen thing really had to sting.

There was plenty of disgust and mockery to go around.

Watch the clip above via The White House and Teargas.

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