Newsmax CEO, Trump Ally Chris Ruddy Calls Impeachment Push a ‘Mortal Threat’ to POTUS


Newsmax CEO Chris Rudy, a known ally to Donald Trump, had a contentious discussion with CNN’s Brian Stelter on Sunday as they locked horns over impeachment and the president’s attacks on the media.

The talk began with Stelter asking Ruddy if he thinks Trump is well served by having Rudy Giuliani at his side throughout the Ukraine scandal. Rudy was reluctant to criticize Giuliani, but he acknowledged “shortcomings in Trump’s legal defense as he said “I don’t think the president’s gotten the best legal advice” on the matter.

The conversation continued with Ruddy calling it a “mortal threat” to Trump’s presidency now that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has taken the wheel on efforts to impeach. He said so while claiming there was “no evidence of a crime” with regard to Ukraine and singing praises of Trump’s “darn good record.”

Stelter countered by questioning Ruddy on his dismissal of legal pundits who’ve voiced concern for Trump in light of the revelations of his actions. Ruddy responded by asking “what is the crime that was committed,” so Stelter provided a list of charges against Trump before saying “to say there’s no evidence of a crime just seems like a stretch to me.”

As Ruddy continued by dismissing the gravity of the scandal while Stelter argued that the whistleblower report, the president’s remarks, and the Volodymyr Zelensky phone memorandum all align with the accusations against Trump.

“He didn’t demand a quid pro quo,” Ruddy said.

“He’s been pressuring Ukraine right in public,” Stelter responded.

“If the president committed a crime, he should be impeached whether he’s my friend or not,” Ruddy eventually said. “I do not believe that there’s any evidence — I’ve known the man for many years. I’ve never seen him even hint at doing a criminal act.”

Stelter switched topics later on by asking Ruddy if he would ask Trump to stop using “dehumanizing language about the press.” Ruddy diverted by asking CNN to condemn Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, to which, Stelter said “I’m not going to play your game…How is that related to the president calling journalists scum?

Watch above, via CNN.

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