Newsmax Host Complains About Attention on ‘Stupid’ AOC: ‘She’s Young, She’s Pretty, She’s Hispanic, That’s All That Matters Anymore’


Newsmax host Greg Kelly addressed last night’s Met Gala and took attendee Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to task, as well as the media’s coverage of her. AOC wore a dress that read “Tax the Rich” in large red lettering on the back. An individual ticket to the event costs $30,000.

“Of course she was there,” said Kelly on Tuesday. “With a silly dress that says, ‘Tax the Rich.’ I know everybody’s already made the point that this thing could not have happened without rich people.”

Kelly said if AOC “really was about ideas, and not just virtue-signaling, and social media sensationalism, she could have welcomed Amazon to her district.”

In 2018 Amazon solicited presentations from cities across the country in an ostensible effort to achieve favorable terms on two corporate campuses the company wanted to build. The Amazon ultimately chose New York and Crystal Spring, Virginia near Washington, D.C.. However, after a swarm of opposition led in part by the congresswoman, Amazon canceled its New York plans.

“Did you know the most successful company in the history of the world wanted to make their headquarters in Queens, New York part of her district?” Kelly asked.

He said, “She was so stupid that she thought, actually, she had done a good job on that.”

Kelly played a clip of AOC calling the result “incredible” and saying, “It shows that everyday Americans still have the power to organize and fight for their communities.”

Kelly responded:

This is back when she really didn’t know anything about tax incentives actually, had no idea what they were, got them wrong publicly when she was asked to describe basics of the economy. She did not know. She still does not know. But it’s ok because she’s AOC, right? She’s got 10 million followers on Instagram. She’s everywhere. She was on the cover of TIME magazine. She went to the ball. She’s hot. She’s it. She’s young. She’s pretty. She’s Hispanic. That’s all that matters anymore.

He predicted AOC would run for president “pretty soon.”

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