Newsmax’s Chris Ruddy Clashes With Don Lemon: You’re Almost as ‘Hysterical’ as Rep. Wilson

On Monday night, Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy and CNN’s Don Lemon had a heated debate about the ongoing dispute between President Trump and Gold Star widow Myeshia Johnson.

Lemon started off by asking Ruddy, a close friend of the president, why Trump “can’t let this go.”

“Why can’t you?” Ruddy shot back.

He defended the president, saying he never criticized the widow, but Lemon pushed back at how Johnson confirmed everything what Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) said took place during her condolence call and that his tweet this morning was basically “calling her a liar.”

Ruddy then accused Lemon on focusing on this “sideshow” in order to not talk about Trump’s achievements.

“Don, I hate to say it,” Ruddy continued, “but you’re almost as hysterical as Congresswoman Wilson.”

“I should be hysterical!” Lemon reacted. “America should be hysterical! The way this president has treated a Gold Star widow, someone who lost their lives in war fighting for this country and you’re not hysterical about it? He should be hysterical about it as well! He should be hysterically fighting for fairness and to get answers for that woman instead of pointing to shiny objects, calling a congresswoman ‘wacky,’ trying to discredit her reputation and calling the widow a liar. And you’re saying that I’m hysterical? Man, come on!”

Ruddy did concede that Trump nor his chief of staff John Kelly shouldn’t have responded to Wilson.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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