Chris Ruddy Waffles on Whether Trump Eats Cheeseburgers in Bed at 6:30 P.M.


Never mind the talk that President Donald Trump and much of his family and top campaign staff didn’t actually want to win the election. Never mind Steve Bannon reportedly unloading on Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner, among others. Never mind the scuttlebutt that no one in the West Wing thinks Trump is cut out for the presidency. There is one delicious claim in Michael Wolff’s forthcoming book that stands above the rest, and demands a definitive answer:

Does the president actually spend most of his evenings in bed scarfing down cheeseburgers?

Chris Ruddy is someone who might be in a position to know. The CEO of the conservative site Newsmax is a longtime Trump pal, and someone who speaks to the Commander-in-Chief with great frequency. Thursday on New Day the intrepid Alisyn Camerota read the excerpt of Wolff’s book to Ruddy in which Trump is said to be “in bed…with a cheeseburger…making phone calls.” And Camerota, fighting a clear urge to laugh, asked Ruddy, “Do you get those 6:30 cheeseburger phone calls?”

Ruddy went on to waffle about the cheeseburger issue.

“A lot of presidents have these types of personal habits,” Ruddy said. “Reagan did, LBJ did. All sorts of things they do that never get publicized. It’s unfortunate that people start trying to insinuate something’s wrong here because he’s having a cheeseburger in bed.”

The Newsmax CEO did, however, state his belief that Trump is not actually tucked in for beddie-bye at 6:30.

“I don’t think he’s sitting in bed at 6:30 at night, by the way,” Ruddy said. “I think he’s out and about.”

So there you have it; a split decision of sorts from Ruddy. Trump’s not in bed, but he’s quite possibly cheeseburger-ing. Hopefully we can still get to the bottom of this one.

Watch above, via CNN.

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