‘Next to Go?’ CNN Airs Segment Designed Entirely to Ridicule Sebastian Gorka


After the recent firing of White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, it appears CNN has their targets set on another White House staffer: Dr. Sebastian Gorka.

CNN senior investigative reporter Drew Griffin prepped a six-minute hit piece that intensely scrutinizes President Trump‘s deputy assistant’s resume and has numerous experts questioning Gorka’s experience (or lack thereof).

Terror analyst Michael Smith called Gorka a “fake terrorism expert,” saying a title like “counterterrorism enthusiast” would be more appropriate.

Griffin mentioned that he spoke with a dozen experts who all say that Gorka “lacks practical experience in government, is not an expert on terrorism, and has never served in a diplomatic agency.”

The CNN report pointed out that despite Gorka’s outspokenness on Islamic terrorism, his resume doesn’t show that he speaks Arabic and that he spent extensive time in a Muslim country.

Mia Bloom, a professor of Middle East studies at Georgia State University, sat in a panel with Gorka at the Defense Intelligence Agency and claimed that “nobody takes him seriously.”

“He was making basic errors––errors about the Arab Revolt that all you would have to do is see Lawrence of Arabia to know they were mistakes,” Bloom told Griffin. “We all looked at each other like, ‘Is someone playing a joke?'”

Griffin then tied Gorka to the alt-right, saying his “most prominent role” is to “defend… the president on TV” and “fueling right-wing media with talking points the alt-right craves.”

The segment includes his failed run for mayor of a town in Hungary, as well as his failed attempt to launch his own political party.

The kindest part of the CNN segment is that the allegations that Gorka is anti-Semitic are “unfounded,” adding there’s “no evidence” that proves any history of anti-Semitism with the exception of a pin he received from his father that has ties to Nazis.

Watch the clip above, via CNN

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