Nightly Show​ Correspondents Stage Walkout on Donald Trump Coverage: ‘F*ck Trump!’


Almost all of late night has had a chance to tackle Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump‘s proposed ban on Muslim immigrants. So by the time Larry Wilmore‘s Nightly Show got around to covering the story, the Comedy Central show had to make something new out of the mess. So they staged a walkout.

Or at least Wilmore’s correspondents did. For in segment after segment, affiliated comedians like Mike Yard and Ricky Velez began then abruptly stopped their attempts to make humor out of Trump’s egregious plan.

“It’s just not funny anymore,” said Yard. “This man is an abomination of a human being.”

“Trump is a cancer eating away at our national dignity,” added Velez. “F*ck Trump!”

Obviously, the correspondents’ walkouts were scripted and staged for the show’s opening number. It also served as a launching platform for Wilmore’s own coverage of the proposed ban and the reaction of Trump fans.

“This has got to be it for Trump,” he said. “There can’t be any more real support for him, right? Right? RIGHT?”

Cue the familiar montage of Trump supporters lauding their candidate for his “very wise decision.” Wilmore then ranted against other GOP candidates and conservatives who were publicly condemning Trump’s proposed ban.

“Trump’s been saying this sh*t since the day he announced back in June and called Mexicans rapists. That’s how he began his campaign.”

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