Non-Muslim Bobby Knight Unfazed by Trump’s Proposed Ban: ‘That Doesn’t Mean Anything to Me’


When Republican frontrunner Donald Trump revealed that he was being endorsed by legendary college hoops coach Bobby Knight, he knew that it was a big step towards helping him lock up the Indiana primary. Hot on the heels of that very win late Tuesday, the bombastic Knight — no stranger to controversy himself — joined CNN’s John Berman for an interview to discuss the candidacy and policies of his favorite candidate.

But when pushed to reconcile some of the more controversial aspects of the Trump Train’s path of destruction, Knight shrugged off some of the more glaring issues. Notably, a question on the infamous proposed ban on all Muslims entering the United States until — as Trump put it — “we can figure out what the hell is going on,” left Knight unable to sympathize with the plight of those involved.

“Donald Trump has made a lot of controversial proposals, a lot of controversial statements. Among other things, he says he wants to temporarily ban Muslims from coming into the United States. Does that concern you?” asked Berman Wednesday morning.

“I don’t even know what controversial means!” exclaimed the coach who choked and punched a sports director in the 70s, was arrested for assault, has a list of documented violent acts as long as his wins record, and most famously hurled a chair across the court in a fit of infantile rage in 1985.

“Well banning Muslims — a lot of people think banning Muslims from coming to the United States is controversial, or it’s un-American to prevent people from coming to the United States based on religion,” said Berman to the increasingly-agitated Knight.

“Well that’s OK. That doesn’t really mean anything to me right now,” replied Knight simply, who is not Islamic and probably couldn’t spell the word “Quran” if you spotted him all the letters after Q. “We’re talking about a guy that I think can handle things far better than anything that we’ve had recently,” he continued.

So there you have it for those of you keeping score at home. Not a Muslim? Not an immigrant? Totally cool, according to Mr. Fly-by-Knight: you don’t even have to answer for any of the absurd policy proposals of the candidate you support. You can just lazily shrug it off, disregard the predicament of 22% of the global population, and bring the conversation back to what matters most: you, winning, and all things Trump.

J.D. Durkin (@jiveDurkey) is an editorial producer and columnist at Mediaite.
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