NRA Spox Dana Loesch Slams Mean Girl Comey: Attacks on Trump’s Looks Read like ‘Regina George’ and Her ‘Burn Book’


Mean Girls fans, eat your hearts out.

Dana Loesch came in hot with her Lindsey Lohan movie references today when she appeared on Fox & Friends to talk about James Comey‘s ongoing media blitz. Like many of the former FBI director’s other critics, she trashed his new book for its less-than-flattering side notes about President Donald Trump‘s physical appearance.

“He stepped all over the message of his own book because he wrote it like Regina George writing the Burn Book. That is what James Comey sounds like. I have never seen a cattier man than James Comey. He gets in his own way. He tries to portray himself as virtuous example that everyone in Washington should follow but gets in his own way because his book is so petty. No one is paying attention to anything else in the book. They’re talking about how petty he is.”

Comey said that he included the remarks about Trump’s physical appearance in order to help readers immerse themselves into his experiences with the president, but he has expressed regret about including those passages.

The NRA spokeswoman went on to say that between Comey’s poor FBI leadership, and his “spine of jelly,” he has no business speaking to anyone about virtue.

Frankly, this attack from Loesch was totally predictable. We could totally see it coming. It’s like we have ESPN or something.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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