Obama Border Patrol Chief Pushes Back on ‘False Narrative’ of Caged Immigrants: ‘Really Nice Facilities’


Mark Morgan, who was head of Border Patrol under President Barack Obama, told Fox & Friends on Thursday Democrats are using a false talking point of border patrol keeping immigrants in cages. He said the facilities “are actually really nice” and chainlink fences are used for the immigrant’s safety.

“It’s a totally false narrative and talking point for the Democrats. They are not cages. They are actually really nice facilities. And there are chainlink fence within the facilities, but it’s designed so the border patrol agents working there can provide safety and security for the people that are there,” Morgan said.

“And, remember, they are only there for max 72 hours before they have got to be released,” he added.

Morgan said Democrats are not budging when it comes to border security because they do not want President Donald Trump to have a win and that is why is he speaking out.

“The president right. President Trump is right, it’s that simple. We have a crisis,” he said.

During her hearing with the House Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday, Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) pressed Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on the issue of keeping immigrants in cages.

“No, no, no, Madam Secretary, Madam Secretary, we are not going to go through the semantics,” Thompson said. “” saw the cyclone fences that were made as cages. And you did too. All you have to do is admit it. If it’s a bad policy, then change it, but don’t mislead the committee. Do not mislead the committee.”

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