Oops! CNN Interview Goes Awry When Smoke Detector Proves Too Distracting

A CNN live interview via Skype went awry on Sunday when a smoke detector went off and proved distracting.

CNN’s Ana Cabrera was speaking with Eric Abramovitz, the clarinetist who lost his place at a prestigious conservatory after his girlfriend deleted his acceptance and made a fake rejection notice to convince him he had not actually won a place.

Speaking from Waterloo, Ontario, Abramovitz had just started explaining the saga of his opportunity lost when a smoke detector went off somewhere near him.

Abramovitz stopped what he was saying and looked around.

Cabrera, with a laugh, tried to get him to focus.

“Live TV. That happens,” she said, keeping her smile.

Then, when he did not return his attention to the camera and the interview, she said, “I can still hear you.”

“Very sorry..” he said, prompting Cabrera to admit the sound was “a bit distracting.”

The CNN host then told him to “continue please” but Abramovitz was focused on talking to someone else, asking another person, who is not seen on the camera, to go figure it out.

Finally, the beeping stopped and Cabrera, who seemed to take the whole thing in stride, finally got to ask her questions about what had prompted the clarinetist’s girlfriend to go to such extremes to sabotage his musical dreams.

Watch above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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