Oprah Offers Advice on Surviving ‘Darkness’ of Trump’s America: Be ‘A Warrior of the Light’


While she is officially not-a-presidential-hopeful, entertainment icon Oprah Winfrey gave CNN’s Van Jones and his viewers some advice on surviving the “darkness” of political polarization in America under President Donald Trump, as she recommended everyone “stay in the light” instead of succumbing to negativity.

With Oprah’s A Wrinkle in Time being released this weekend, the former talk show host appeared on The Van Jones Show to promote the film and do what is she is known best for: Giving inspirational advice. With Oprah’s show now over and Barack Obama out of the White House, Jones broke down his view on life in Trump’s America.

“We had you, we had the Obamas in the White House, so even on a bad day, you had a north star — you had some hope,” said a very animated Jones. “And then it was like the universe just said, ‘psych,’ threw us in the toilet and closed the lid and now we’re just stuck in this crazy situation.”

“We have each other. Here’s the thing, everyone is feeding on the hysteria and the negativity — you gotta’ stay in the light,” replied Oprah.

She continued: “The darkness is spreading so fast these days, you must become a warrior of the light. And the reason that’s so meaningful to me, is because that’s how I’ve led my whole life… And for these times, the darkness is there to show you your light. It brings out the best in people.”

Oprah went on to address the rumors that she is considering a presidential run in 2020, shooting down the claims with free advice to potential nominees. “I am not running for office, so don’t even go there,” she said. “But if I were running for office, and I will say to whoever is running for office, do not give your energy to the other side, do not spend all your time talking about your opponents, do not give your energy to that which you don’t believe in. Don’t spend your time on that.”

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