Peter Navarro Throws Shade at Microsoft Amid TikTok Reports: ‘Can We Trust Any Company that Operates in China?’


White House trade adviser Peter Navarro scoffed at Microsoft Monday amid reports the company is seeking to purchase TikTok, the video application owned by a Chinese company.

In an interview with Fox News’ Sandra Smith, Navarro ripped the app by listing the security and privacy concerns connected to it. Smith asked for an update on President Donald Trump’s ban since it was put on hold because Microsoft expressed interest in buying TikTok away from its parent company, ByteDance Ltd.

Navarro swatted down the idea by saying Microsoft’s ownership of Skype and Bing makes them “enablers of Chinese censorship and surveillance.”

“I guess the question is, given China’s civil military infusion — which requires any foreign company to give them their data — can we trust any company that operates in China, has servers in China and software in China, to protect your children?” Navarro asked. “And I think that’s a question that needs to be asked.”

When asked if the administration would allow TikTok’s sale to go through if the Microsoft deal happens, Navarro dodged the core of the question and doubled back to the security concerns surrounding the app.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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