Potential Trump Primary Challenger Bill Weld: Trumpism in the GOP Will Eventually Fade

Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld spoke on CNN this morning about his potential primary challenge to President Donald Trump, but he also recalled what it was like working with Robert Mueller.

Weld served as U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts in the 80s. Mueller worked in the U.S. Attorney’s office and briefly succeeded Weld as acting U.S. Attorney.

On CNN this morning, Michael Smerconish asked Weld, “What was it like to be Mueller’s boss?”

“It was terrifying,” Weld said. “He’s so well informed and thorough, you just hesitated to even make any editorial comment.”

He went on to bring up Trump’s comments saying white nationalism is not a rising threat before saying his intention is to win the election, knocking POTUS for speaking in “buzzwords and platitudes.”

Smerconish asked, “Haven’t all the Bill Weld Republicans, people like me, already left the party?” He noted the overwhelming support Trump has among Republicans now, given the “exodus of we moderate Republicans.”

Weld said in response that Trumpism will fade away eventually:

“Well, you know, the Trump party, if I may, Trumpism is a the natural heir of the Know-Nothing party of the 19th century, which like the Trumpism was founded on anti-immigrant fervor. They hated, in that case, Catholics. The Catholics coming in from Germany and Italy. They had violent rallies, just like Trumpism. They believed in conspiracy theories, just like Trumpism. And that party just disappeared into the mist. And I think the same thing is going to happen with Trumpism. I think this is––you’re right, it’s a flash. A real flash in the pan. But I think it’s going to wind up being that.”

Weld has yet to formally announce his bid. He indicated he’ll decide for sure in April.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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