Pro-Trump ‘Mother of All Rallies’ Speaker Allows #BlackLivesMatter Protesters to Speak on Stage


An unusual moment of reconciliation happened earlier today when pro-Donald Trump speakers allowed a Black Lives Matter activist to take the stage during the Mother of All Rallies in Washington D.C.

The pro-Trump marchers shared the National Mall with the Insane Clown Posse today as the two factions hosted dueling rallies just a few blocks away from each other. As the MOAR event progressed, tensions flared when #BlackLivesMatter advocates and Trump critics showed up on site.

Despite the early tension when these groups first engaged each other, one of the #BlackLivesMatter speakers was eventually invited onto the stage. CNN obtained footage where one of the pro-Trump speakers gave the demonstrator two minutes on stage as a pro-freedom of speech gesture.

“Whether they disagree or agree with your message is irrelevant,” said the pro-Trump speaker. “It’s the fact you have the right to have a message, just like all of them have the right to their message.”

The #BlackLivesMatter speaker spoke about racial injustice in the American justice system, which drew a mix of cheers and booing from the audience. The pro-Trump speakers who were still on stage motioned for the audience to settle down, and the BLM speaker was allowed to proceed.

With all the incendiary politics and partisan fighting going on around the country recently, this moment presents a rare detente. Many #BlackLivesMatter activists don’t seem to care much for Trump, and the feeling seems to be mutual, given the president’s past.

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