‘Put Him in Jail’: Giuliani Goes Off the Deep End in New Interview, Accuses Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey of ‘Covering Up Child Pornography’


President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani went off the deep end during an interview with Sinclair’s Eric Bolling, accusing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey of “covering up child pornography” for Hunter Biden.

Bolling asked Giuliani what he thinks of Twitter’s censorship of the New York Post’s Biden story, and the former mayor of New York replied, “It seems to me it’s gone beyond censorship. It seems to me he’s an accessory after-the-fact to the numerous crimes committed by Hunter Biden, including the endangering of children.”

“I mean, this man is a menace, Jack Dorsey. Let’s not fool around,” he declared. “This hard drive demonstrates numerous federal crimes.”

After reading out an alleged message from Hunter Biden noting he was accused of creating an “unsafe environment” for kids, Giuliani said, “If you look at the photos, you’re darn right he created an unsafe environment for the kids. He walked around the house nude, taking pictures consistently of his private parts, sometimes FaceTime’ing women, sometimes FaceTime’ing women while smoking crack.”

Giuliani is citing files contained on a laptop alleged to belong to Hunter Biden. Some of those photos showed Biden, who is a recovering addict, using drugs.

“So yes, were those kids in an unsafe environment? Yes. Did anybody do anything about it? No. And is Jack Dorsey covering it up? Yes,” Giuliani claimed, before declaring, “I think Jack Dorsey’s covering up child pornography. Put him in jail!”

Asked by Bolling why law enforcement is not getting involved if Biden has committed federal crimes, Giuliani alleged, “Because law enforcement is paralyzed. Law enforcement is either anti-Trump or they’re afraid that they will do to them what they do to me. Demonize us, say that I’m a Russian spy, claim that I took money from people that I never met.”

Bolling, who appeared to become somewhat uncomfortable as the interview progressed, then noted, “Mr. Mayor, you’re a former federal prosecutor, you’re former mayor, you’re an attorney. You know the law inside and out, and you’ve just made a fairly hefty claim: accessory after-the-fact for the crimes of the Biden family, you were talking about Jack Dorsey and Twitter, founder of Twitter.”

Bolling further pressed Giuliani on why the FBI under Trump never prosecuted Biden, Giuliani argued, “They covered it up. There’s no doubt about it”

“Why?” Bolling asked. “Is this the deep state that everyone’s been talking about? Did they want to get Trump out? Is this part of it?” Giuliani responded, “Yes. Yes, they wanted to get Trump out. Yes, absolutely, and when hatred enters your body, your mind, your soul, it eats away at your conscience, it eats away at your rationality, and you become maniacs like these people are.”

“This is completely unjustifiable not to cover this story. It’s completely un-American. It’s inconsistent with everything we were founded to be,” Giuliani went on. “This could be the worst invasion of rights in America, I mean it’s like putting the Japanese in camps, except it’s being done to all of us. This is outrageous what they’re doing.”

“Dorsey, whether he committed a crime or not, he’s not an American. He’s something else,” the former mayor insisted. “Maybe he’s working for the Chinese, I don’t know.”

Bolling concluded the interview, commenting, “I will tell you I’m hoping none of that is right, but I’m concerned that it is right.”

“I’m not questioning your credibility,” he said. “I just want to point out in the interests of journalism and free speech we are entertaining this and I’m just praying against everything that this isn’t true.”

And to be clear, while Mayor Giuliani is entitled to his opinion, there is no available evidence to support any of the allegations made by him about such criminal activity.

Watch above via Sinclair Broadcast Group.

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