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Rep. Ron Paul Makes Special Request Of Wikileaks on Fox’s Freedom Watch

Republican Congressman Ron Paul may be Julian Assange‘s most loyal supporter in Congress. Visiting Fox Business’ Freedom Watch— a program on which Assange has been welcome several times– Rep. Paul went to bat for the Wikileaker in the middle of condemning the secrecy of the Federal Reserve, and made a little request of his own: “every conversation of the last ten years with the Federal Reserve people.” Chop, chop, Assange!

Rep. Paul, who is also a regular guest on the program, chatted for some time with the injustices of having a “secret government” like the Federal Reserve with Judge Andrew Napolitano, calling the agency “as unconstitutional as it gets” and its practices “immoral,” “wrong,” “bad economics,” and “built on counterfeit money.” In light of the recent diplomatic cables, however, Rep. Paul seems to have found hope that there is a concrete way to take the Fed down:

“What we need is more Wikileaks on the Federal Reserve. Can you imagine what it would be like if we have every conversation of the last 10 years with the Federal Reserve people and the Federal Reserve chairman, with all the other central bankers of the world, and every agreement and quid pro quo that they have? I mean, it would be massive. The people would be so outraged.”

Later in the discussion, Judge Napolitano asks Paul directly about his views on Wikileaks, to which Paul replied, “in a society where truth becomes treason, we are in big trouble.” He also called the desire to charge Assange for treason “wild,” given he is an Australian citizen, and questioned what difference in media there was between Wikileaks and the New York Times that prevented one of them from being prosecuted over the other.

Having the support of American legislators is certainly a new thing for Assange, as most have either refrained from commenting or called him a terrorist. Paul and the libertarian-leaning American commentators seem to have been won over, though Paul made it clear nothing would make them happier than seeing the semi-anonymous group take down the Fed. The discussion from last night’s Freedom Watch on Fox Business below:

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