S.E. Cupp: Are Fox Newsers Like Bret Baier, Shepard Smith ‘Mortified’ by Laura Ingraham’s Remarks?


S.E. Cupp slammed Laura Ingraham today for her comments about a changing America and said others at Fox News must clearly dislike this kind of thing.

On Wednesday night, Ingraham said, “In some parts of the country, it does seem like the America that we know and love doesn’t exist anymore.” She cited “massive demographic changes” and said this is about immigration and how the left wants open borders and to abolish ICE.

Her commentary was widely condemned as a white nationalist dog whistle.

Last night, Ingraham said her views are being “distorted” by white nationalists, saying, “You do not have my support. You don’t represent my views and you are antithetical to the beliefs I hold dear.”

Cupp spoke with Jim Acosta this afternoon about her op-ed tearing into Ingraham’s remarks, saying, “When everyone hears it the same way, the problem isn’t we’re distorting it. The problem is we heard you perfectly the first time. She was not ambiguous about the point she was trying to make.”

As for her follow-up, Cupp said “to say she was not talking about race is laughable.”

Acosta brought up the increasing use of “white nationalism” instead of “white supremacy” and said, “It wasn’t that long ago in the news business we just called it white supremacy or white supremacist. Now all the sudden there’s this term white nationalism and white nationalists. Is that just an attempt by some to try to mainstream hate speech and people who are just trying to divide Americans and pit Americans against Americans? What do you think of that?”

Cupp said this in response:

“There’s long been an effort on the far, far right and in other, you know, racist circles to conflate rank racism with some kind of patriotism, some kind of love of country. And the two, in most people’s minds, I think, are very different things. I think you can love this country and still love our diversity and still love immigration as a concept while maybe critiquing illegal immigration and some of the problems it’s created. But I think calling it nationalism is that attempt to make this normalized, to make it sound like you just love your country a whole lot. And it’s not the case. It’s white supremacy. It’s racism. And it’s fear of the other. And it’s a fear that is stoked by this White House. It’s courted, it’s flirted with, it’s winked at all the time. And certainly his favorite news network at Fox News. Again, I have to wonder if, you know, my friends at Fox News––people like Bret Baier, people like Shep Smith––people you know, I wonder if they’re mortified by that. I wonder if they’re uncomfortable with what she said. If so, I’d like to hear that.”

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