Scarborough Blasts GOP’s ‘Pathetic’ Silence on Coast Guard Officer’s Plot to Kill Dems: ‘You Think It’s Cool?’

Joe Scarborough used a portion of his Friday show to slam Republicans for their lack of condemnation over the coast guard lieutenant who was arrested this week over an alleged conspiracy to commit mass murder.

The remarks came as the Morning Joe host spoke to Donnie Deutsch about Christopher Paul Hasson, a member of the Coast Guard with extreme views who is accused of stockpiling weapons and plotting a killing spree against Democratic politicians and members of the media. Scarborough referenced the news by sarcastically asking why the GOP isn’t coming out in force to denounce it.

“Hey, Mitt Romney, you think it’s a cool idea that somebody is trying to kill Nancy Pelosi, trying to kill Chuck Schumer? You work with Chuck Schumer. You think you should condemn that? You think you should condemn that plot? Hey Lindsey Graham, you run the Judiciary Committee, you think it’s cool?

Scarborough continued by tearing into President Donald Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and others for their “pathetic” silence on the matter. Scarborough proceeded to insinuate that Trump is “encouraging” this behavior with his non-comment, and that led to him Deutsche joking about how Trump has found time to go after Jussie Smollett and Saturday Night Live, but not the plotter.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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