Sean Duffy Gets Repeatedly Owned In Bonkers CNN Segment: ‘My Nose Isn’t a Heat-Seeking Missile for the President’s Backside’


CNN’s New Day hosted a duel between Republicans on Wednesday morning as former congressmen Sean Duffy and Charlie Dent squared off on whether Bill Taylor has directly tied President Donald Trump to a quid pro quo with Ukraine.

Taylor’s testimony takes the Trump impeachment inquiry to a new level since the top Ukraine envoy says U.S. military aid to the country was dependent on Ukraine publicly announcing an investigation of the Biden family and the 2016 election. When asked to react, Dent argued that Taylor’s remarks were “stark” evidence that Trump tried to pressure Ukraine into investigating his political opponents, but Duffy complained that Taylor’s remarks were “leaked out” from a “secret court.”

CNN’s John Berman cut off Duffy by reminding him that Taylor’s remarks came from a primary source: his opening statement. He also countered Duffy’s claim that Trump is under an impeachment trial, spelling out the difference between a trial and the House of Representative’s ongoing inquiry.

Duffy continued to complain about the process before arguing that “the Ukrainians have to know that Donald Trump is taking something away from them to have a quid pro quo. A perfect example of a quid pro quo is Joe Biden who said if you don’t fire this prosecutor, I’m going to take away a billion dollars…Donald Trump doesn’t have that because the Ukrainians never knew anything was taken away.”

A brief reminder: Biden was acting at the time upon the international consensus that former Ukrainian Prosecutor Viktor Shokin was corrupt, and Shokin’s resignation happened after he had already allowed the investigation of Burisma – Hunter Biden’s former employer – to go cold.

Dent retorted that the Ukrainian government was being asked to publicly say they would investigate the Biden family.

“The Ukrainians clearly understood the pressure they were under,” Dent said. “People ask me ‘Why do I push back against this administration and the president?’ Because my nose is not a heat-seeking missile for the president’s backside…This is wrong. You cannot use official resources of the government to investigate your political opponent.”

The fight continued as Dent and Duffy disputed each over the findings from Taylor’s testimony and whether there are sufficient grounds to draw conclusions from the impeachment process so far.

Watch above, via CNN.

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