Sean Hannity to Devin Nunes on Threatened Lawsuit: The Report About You Is a Lot of ‘Outright Lies’


Congressman Devin Nunes is threatening lawsuits against the Daily Beast and CNN for reports from both outlets on his connection to Lev Parnas and how, per the reports, Parnas helped Nunes with his investigations. CNN’s report said that Parnas’ lawyer was saying that his client’s willing to tell Congress Nunes met with a former Ukrainian prosecutor to get dirt on Joe Biden.

Nunes talked about the lawsuits on Fox News yesterday, railing against both CNN and the Daily Beast, even suggesting there’s “criminal activity here.”

Tonight Nunes appeared on Fox News again, this time with Sean Hannity, who suggested he has knowledge refuting what’s been reported:

“I’ve gotta to be honest, I know more about this than maybe you want me to reveal, so I will let you say it in your own words. I saw the report about you. I happen to know a lot of it is outright lies.”

Nunes said he’s being smeared and attacked because the last two weeks of impeachment hearings were “a disaster for them.”

He reiterated that the reporting is “demonstrably false” and said, “This is the only way we’re going to be able to get retribution and be able to seek fairness and transparency in the media is by holding them accountable.”

Hannity applauded the actions he’s taking and said, “Actually, I’m pretty close to doing the same thing in some ways myself, which I won’t talk about tonight, but, as a public figure our standard is high. Absence of malice.”

He brought up the example of Nicholas Sandmann in the Covington Catholic case and subsequent media coverage.

At one point Nunes questioned the standard for public figures:

“If you have reckless disregard for the truth and malice, and I mean, are you kidding me? Have you been watching CNN or reading the Daily Beast for the last three years? If they have malice towards anyone, obviously the president they have the most malice for but clearly they have malice towards myself and the House Republicans.”

Hannity closed the segment with some recommendations for lawyers.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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