Senate Race Between McMahon And Murphy Grows Heated In First Debate: ‘You Are Desperate’

The race between Connecticut senatorial candidates Linda McMahon (R) and Christopher Murphy (D) grows ever-heated on the heels of their first debate Sunday. As the Wall Street Journal reports, the tone of the race — which is essentially tied between the two — to replace retiring Independent senator Joseph Lieberman had been set by a series of ads displaying the “animosity” between the two candidates.

That same animosity manifested itself during Sunday’s debate as Murphy accused his rival of plagiarism and went after her for comments she’d made about Social Security:

Mr. Murphy pressed Ms. McMahon on comments recorded in April during which she said Social Security should have “sunset provisions.”

“This was Linda McMahon’s 47% moment,” Mr. Murphy said.

Ms. McMahon said her words were taken out of context and misconstrued: “Chris, there you go again, not being honest. I will vote for no budget that reduces the benefits that our seniors are currently getting.”

Here’s a moment from their debate, via Fox News. In it, McMahon goes after Murphy for his accusations. “You thought this was going to be a coronation,” she told him. “But now you are in a serious race with a serious woman.” Have a look:

h/t WSJ

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