Seth Meyers on Tillerson Firing: Hopefully It Will End This ‘Myth’ That ‘Serious People Can Rein in Trump’


On Tuesday night, Seth Meyers had some fun at the expense of outgoing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Meyers began by poking fun at the way Tillerson reportedly found out that he was fired, which was by tweet from President Trump.

“Even when you get fired from a Domino’s, the manager takes you to that crappy little office and tells you to your face,” Meyers said. “Tweets are for finding out which band is in town or which airline was mean to Christine Teigen.”

The Late Night host then insisted that Trump didn’t fire Tillerson to his face, like he didn’t with former FBI Director James Comey, is because he doesn’t want to give anyone over six feet tall “bad news,” which he added is why the president is “jumping at the chance” to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Meyers mocked Tillerson, saying he “always looked like he was walking through a fart cloud.” He suggested for Trump to fire other cabinet members like Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for her painful 60 Minutes interview.

He then acknowledged what he thought was the silver lining of this firing as well as the resignation of White House economic advisor Gary Cohn.

“Hopefully what we’re seeing with the resignation of Gary Cohn and the firing of Rex Tillerson is the end of this myth that serious people can rein in Donald Trump,” Meyers continued. “If the White House was a fraternity in an 80s movie, Rex Tillerson was the dean. And the dean never wins in an 80s movie.”

Meyers also expressed sympathy for Tillerson like when “someone gets attacked by a gorilla at the zoo” and how his first thought is “that’s horrible,” but that his second thought is “why did you go in the f**king gorilla cage?”

Watch the clip above, via NBC.



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