Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers Hits Al Franken Over Latest Allegations: ‘You Can’t Do That To Your Wife!’

Seth Meyers Mocks Roy Moore Spox For Citing ‘Group of Non-Accusers’: ‘Literally Their Best Argument’

Seth Meyers Slams Matt Lauer: If You’re Asked to Install a Button Under a Desk, ‘Report It To The Police’

Seth Meyers Slams Trump For Claiming The Access Hollywood Tape Isn’t Authentic: ‘Are You Insane?!?’

Forbes Mocked for Piece Arguing Best Pick for ‘Feminist’ Golden Globes Host is Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers Will Host The 75th Golden Globe Awards

Chris Cuomo Laughs About His Bizarre Interview With LaVar Ball: I Was Like, ‘What is Happening?!?’

Seth Meyers Hits Trump For Backing Roy Moore: ‘Sexual Predators of a Feather Flock Together’

Seth Meyers: Fox News Prefers ‘An Alternate Reality Where Hillary is President’

Megyn Kelly Hits Bill O’Reilly: Fox News ‘Has Got Some Great People… He Is Not One of Them’

Seth Meyers Hits Harvey Weinstein: ‘Dinosaurs Don’t Learn New Ways, They Go Extinct’

Female Writers of Late Night Roast Harvey Weinstein: We’re ‘Shocked That People Are Shocked’

Seth Meyers Dings Tillerson: ‘When Your Name Is Rex,’ You’re ‘Good at Rolling Over’

Seth Meyers Zings Trump’s Paper Towel Tosses: ‘Looks Like a Drunk Grandfather Playing Pop-a-Shot’

Seth Meyers to Congress: It’d Be ‘More Honest’ For You to Admit You ‘Won’t Take Any Action’

Seth Meyers Mocks Sean Spicer for ‘Lying About Lying’

Seth Meyers Roasts Hillary Clinton: Bernie Sanders ‘Didn’t Tell You Not To Go To Wisconsin’

Tapper Mocks Hannity’s Failed Troll: ‘Guess It Didn’t Work Out The Way He Intended’

Seth Meyers: ‘Oh, The Nazis Had a Permit? Well F**k Me!’

Seth Meyers: If Trump ‘Does Not Preside Over Our Society then He’s Not a President’

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