Shep Smith Describes the McDonald’s Drive-Thru Order That Led To FB Live Killer’s Demise

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Earlier today, suspected Cleveland Facebook Live murderer Steve Stephens was found dead in his car after an apparent suicide. Police got a tip that his car was in a McDonald’s parking lot, and oddly enough, the call that alerted police of his location involved a McDonald’s drive-thru.

Shep Smith reported on the incident today. “Today, after running, he had just gone 100 miles east of Cleveland near Eerie, Pennsylvania… He pulled up to a drive-thru at a McDonalds at 11:00 this morning. He order a large Chicken McNuggets and a large fries for 5 dollars and 25 cents,” he said.

When he pulled around to the window, an employee reportedly handed him his nuggets, and told him he’d have to wait on the fries. Then, he went and called the police. “This is 10 after 11 this morning,” Smith said.

Stephens pulled away, but the call ended the chase. Police caught up with him, and were trying to arrest him, but then he shot himself. Watch Shep Smith’s reporting on Fox above.

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