Sh*t Happens: HLN Reporter Reveals Expletive During Odd Interview With German Michael Jackson Fans

One the stranger effects of Michael Jackson freakishly successful pop music career is the cultish freak-show fan base that it engendered. In the event that you think that his following has completely abated with Jackson’s tragic death, take heart from the following clip recently aired during HLN’s live coverage of the Conrad Murray trial, the doctor currently being tried for the involuntary manslaughter of Jackson. There is a lot going on the following segment, which we will try to abridge thusly:

During a brief court recess, HLN producer Natisha Lance picked up the coverage of what HLN is breathlessly calling the “Michael Jackson Death Trial” by interviewing some attendees outside the courtroom. Turns out the two individual she chose to interview were German tourists who barely spoke English, holding a sign emblazoned with a certain expletive that Lance covered up with her hand.

Watch the super strange clip below, courtesy of HLN (H/T Ian J. Spector:

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