Wait What? Spicer On Covfefe: ‘The President and a Small Group of People Knew Exactly What He Meant’


The White House announced, early Wednesday, that the afternoon’s press briefing would be held off-camera. When Press Secretary Sean Spicer took the podium, it became clear why.

It was because, had the briefing been on camera, he would have actually had to say the following words with a straight face:

“The President and a small group of people knew exactly what he meant.”

That line from Spicer was in reference to the Tweet heard ’round the world — the now-deleted dispatch from late Tuesday night in which President Donald Trump wrote, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.”

The Internet spent hours trying to decipher the meaning of the President’s incomplete thought and the made-up nonsense word at the end. Before its early-morning deletion, covfefe was retweeted 127,000 times. Spicer, undoubtedly, knew he was going to have to address this at the briefing.

And so, again, this is what he actually went with:

“The President and a small group of people knew exactly what he meant.”

With that, the White House press corps laughed. Spicer called on the next reporter, as several people tried to follow-up, to no avail.

“Wait a minute,” one reporter said.

“What does covfefe mean?” asked another.

Spicer pressed on, having sufficiently confounded everyone in the room, and many across the country.

And so what could have easily been dismissed as a mistake, or a typo, or an oversight, is now a lingering issue for the White House. As actor James Urbaniak pointed out on Twitter, “What does the covfefe Tweet mean?” is now a legitimate question. Moreover, who are the “small group of people” who were in on it? And why did the President communicate this inside message to them through his very-public Twitter account?

Consider us covfefed.

Listen above, via CNN.

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