Stephanopoulos Bemoans Own Network For ‘Sh*thole’ Censoring: Not Right to ‘Sugarcoat the Racist Sentiment’

ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos reckoned with his network’s decision to not report President Donald Trump’s comments that immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African nations are “people from shithole countries” on Good Morning America Friday.

“We’re not reporting the word right now, I think that’s probably a mistake,” Stephanopoulos said. “I don’t think it’s right to censor the president or to sugarcoat the racist sentiment revealed by how he used that word in the meeting.”

“This has alarmed so many overseas right now and here in the United States,” Stephanopoulos continued. “You’re seeing the kind of reaction we saw to the Charlottesville comments by the president.”

ABC News political analyst Michael Dowd argued that the comments “should alarm everybody.”

“George, everybody in this conversation today, most of the people at the studio today and almost everybody on the other side of this camera is a son or daughter of an immigrant,” Dowd said, noting that he is the great, great grandson of an immigrant, “who those same words were used about his country.”

“There’s only one other guy, I think like Donald Trump, who came from Queens, and it’s Archie Bunker,” Dowd continued.

“And the only difference between the two of them, is Donald Trump is president, has more money, but probably less class than Archie Bunker.”

Watch above, via ABC News.

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