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Stewart Rips CNN, Don Lemon over Blizzardmobile: You’re the ‘Worst’

Jon Stewart recapped the media coverage of “Blizzapocalypsegeddon 15” tonight and how New York avoided the worst of it. But that didn’t stop a lot of pretty overhyped coverage from NYC, including the interesting new tactic of having anchors running shows from their cars. But, Stewart said, “when there’s innovation in the field of newsgathering, we look to CNN for its worst iteration.”

Last night Don Lemon was in CNN’s “blizzardmobile,” which Stewart found a little odd, considering that NYC warning about non-emergency vehicles staying off roads. Stewart mocked the ridiculousness of the whole affair and even got in a pretty stinging dig at Lemon’s recent reporting.

And then The Daily Show went all-out mocking CNN by having Jordan Klepper do all sorts of news coverage in a car and on a bike. He interviewed a man on the street while driving down the road, talked about ISIS while on a sled, and even assembled a political panel… in the passenger seats of the car.

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

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