Suckers! Watch Donald Trump Repudiate David Duke Endorsement Six Months Ago!

It’s Super Tuesday, and the seesaw battle over Donald Trump‘s quasi-refusal to disavow the endorsement of Ku Klux Klan icon David Duke continues to dominate media coverage of the Republican presidential campaign for a third straight day. There’s a loud consensus that Trump blew an easy question when he told Jake Tapper he needed more information to decide whether to rebuke his white supremacist supporters, but it looks like Trump was actually playing the media for suckers.

You see, not only had Trump already tersely disavowed Duke’s endorsement last Friday, it turns out he had this entire conversation six months ago. Like, exactly the same:

I don’t need his endorsement, I certainly wouldn’t want his endorsement, I don’t need anybody’s endorsement…

Would you repudiate David Duke?

Sure, I would do that if it made you feel better, I would certainly repu… I don’t know anything about him. Somebody told me yesterday, whoever he is, he did endorse me, and actually, I don’t think it was an endorsement, he said I was absolutely the best of all the candidates, but I wouldn’t want it.

That’s an interesting way to repudiate someone’s praise, by making sure you’ve repeated it before mumbling that you don’t want it. Here’s something else that’s interesting: The prep that Trump got on David Duke’s comments was pretty good. Here’s what Duke said about Trump on his August 17 radio show, with huge gobs of unrelated crazy edited out:

Remember how Trump took care to point out that Duke’s comments weren’t actually an endorsement? Here’s a funny coincidence: the day before that interview, David Duke posted a rant about how the “ZioMedia” was lying, that “I have not endorsed Donald Trump!”

It almost seems like Trump was trying not to make David Duke mad, while signaling to his followers that they have a common enemy in the media.

Duke elaborated on his qualms about Trump during his radio show that week, explaining how the media lies, how he doesn’t trust Trump because of his support for Israel, and one other incredible reason:

One of the reasons why I don’t trust him, too, is his total subservience to the state of Israel, uh, the fact that he supported torture, which is a non-European, a non-human rights type thing, the fact that he supports, he apparently says he’s a thousand percent behind Israel.

That’s right, folks, Donald Trump’s stance on torture was too extreme for David freaking Duke. Here’s a question for the next David Duke interviewer to ponder: since he’s endorsing Trump now, does that mean David Duke is now subservient to Israel, too?

Donald Trump sandbagged the entire news media Sunday, drawing them into attacking him over an issue he already knew he had cover for, and simultaneously reminding his two sets of followers, the ones who hate the Jew-run media and the ones who also hate the Jew-run media but call it the “liberal media” because they’re totally not racist, that he’s on their side. More importantly, though, he’s managed to completely drown out Marco Rubio and his dick jokes during the last three days they could have had any impact. Trump did what any TV veteran would do: he took summer programming that was under-viewed, and repackaged it just in time for sweeps.

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