Sugar And AAHHGH! Watch The Best 6 Year-Old Death Metal Singer In The World On America’s Got Talent

Lord, help me, I’ve done it again. During a commercial break from a depressing gutting-of-the-Voting Rights Act-laden The Rachel Maddow Show, I flipped over to America’s Got Talent, and now, I’ve been sucked into watching it all summer, lest I miss something like tonight’s performance by 6 year-old Aaralyn O’Neil.

This happens to me every year, it seems. I’ll be minding my own business, having a decently productive summer, until I get hooked on the freakishly interesting doings on AGT, and instantly flush hours of time that should be spent on worthy pursuits, like re-watching Breaking Bad a fifth time.

The headline ruins the gag, unfortunately, but when little Aaralyn, backed up on drums by brother Isaiah O’Neil, begins to scream her original soon-to-be-hit Zombie Skin (the tastiest part of the zombie), the result is still pure magic. Sample lyric: “Everybody! Listen to meeeee! I am a zombieeeee!”

Judges Howard Stern and Scary Spice Mel B. were apparently not feeling it, as they buzzed Aaralyn and Isaiah almost immediately, but Howie Mandel championed the duo. Since the joke was already spoiled for you, I’ll let you watch the clip to find out if the kids get to go to Vegas, baby, and perform Lullaby Crash:

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