Ted Cruz: Heidi and I Were Chased Down An Alley By Angry Protestors After We Were Ambushed at the Restaurant


On Friday night, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) revealed a part-two to the hostile confrontation he had with angry protestors at a D.C. restaurant last month.

Last month, a swarm of anti-Kavanaugh protestors disrupted Cruz and his wife Heidi, forcing them to leave the restaurant.

However, tonight told Sean Hannity the full the story.

“We showed up at a restaurant that we love, it’s a delightful restaurant,” Cruz said. “Unfortunately, somehow the protesters were there waiting for us as we walked in, they surrounded us, they screamed at us, they basically shut down the restaurant and they made it impossible to have dinner.”

He then said he and his wife “got up to leave,” but protestors initially blocked Heidi from the exit.

But what didn’t go viral is what he said what happened outside.

“This actually has not been reported, but we left the restaurant, we went out the door and around the back alley. And this mob of about 15 screaming leftist protesters chased Heidi and me down the alley, screaming and yelling at us. A waiter from the restaurant let us in the back door to the kitchen. And we took shelter in the kitchen with this screaming mob outside.”

Fortunately, Cruz added that there was a “happy ending.”

“So about ten minutes later, the police arrived and they removed the protesters,” Cruz continued. “And I asked Heidi, I said, ‘Well, what do you want to do now? Go somewhere? Where do you want to go?’ And she said ‘No! I like this restaurant, let’s go have date night!’ So we went back through the kitchen, sat down at the same table and we had a delightful, romantic dinner. Just the two of us.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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