Terry Crews Opens Up About His Alleged Assaulter: ‘Success is the Warmest Place to Hide’


While promoting his new film Deadpool 2, Terry Crews appeared on The Daily Show and briefly talked about his #MeToo moment.

Trevor Noah praised the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star for being one of the first men to come forward last fall as a victim of sexual misconduct. Crews revealed that he was groped by a WME executive Adam Venit at a party.

Crews began by explaining how women have complained about sexual misconduct for “thousands of years” and how men have “turned off” and dismissed their calls for help, but when he shared his story, it allowed others to reflect when their “lines got stepped on.”

“You get tricked into thinking it’s part of the job. You know what I mean? Somebody really crosses the line, you know?” Crews told Noah. “And it’s really weird because when I look at things like fraternity hazing, what they are a lot of time is sexual assault masked as something else. And it’s wild because it’s about power. It’s never about, you know, sex or anything like that. It’s about someone trying to dominate you and take over you.”

Crews then elaborated how Venit “literally” tried to show him that he had his genitals in his hands but that he was also supposed to “protect” him because he was his agent.

“Success is the warmest place to hide. And everyone feels like, ‘My God,’ you know, ‘How can he be this? He’s so successful, he’s all that, it’s so counterproductive,’ but it’s not,” Crews continued. ” The thing is, successful people know that they can get away with it… That is actually one of the things that really is a qualifier for sexual assault. Because if a police officer rapes you, who are you going to tell? That’s the issue. And for me, it was like my agent, he’s like, ‘I know you’re not going to tell anybody.’ And you know what, he got the surprise of his life when he found out I was telling everybody. And I told them. And I’m telling the world.”

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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