The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper Interviews Capitol Rioters Just Before Attack: ‘This Sh*t Stained Rebellion Failed’


The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper has made a lot of hay out of visiting Trump rallies, interviewing rally-goers, and selectively editing footage for maximum comedic effect.

It is only fitting that his likely final social anthropological examination of President Donald Trump’s followers—while he is still in office—comes from outside the Capitol Building in the hours before, and during the violent insurrection that left five dead.

This last and final chapter starts with a mocking tone, and Klepper does his best to strike the balance of light comedy and a swallowed Holy Shit reaction; the six-plus minute segment ends in a remarkably reflective way. Klepper mocks his subjects to their face, but not so much in a mean-spirited way, more like just calling out the absurdity of what was unfolding behind him.

Kudos to Klepper for challenging the unhinged guy armed with a pitchfork (which is legal for farming, viewers learn) and dealing with a mass of humanity that holds the media in the lowest esteem possible. In fact, while Klepper will get the credit for his bravery, his camera operators, sound tech, and producers not featured on camera deserve just as much credit as the correspondent himself — a sentiment which he undoubtedly shares.

Past Klepper segments like this felt more fun because, well, they were less insurrection-ey. This one is compelling because it puts the viewer in the middle of a crowd of mostly unhinged and angry insurrectionists, with a viewpoint of Klepper’s sane and shocked reaction to what was unfolding around him.

Klepper ends by noting the failed coup attempt as “the shit-stained rebellion that failed, just like my dry January.”

Watch above via Comedy Central.


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