WATCH: Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper Asks Trump Rallygoers If They’ve Read the Transcript (They Haven’t)


The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper took to an Iowa arena parking area to hear directly from President Donald Trump‘s most loyal supporters to ask them their thoughts on the impeachment of their beloved commander-in-chief.

The “man on the street” interviews were captured before a Trump reelection campaign rally outside Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, this past week, and featured predictably fanatical and under informed Trump supporters willing to demonstrate their fanaticism and, er, underinformedness to the Daily Show reporter.

Klepper opened the segment by posing a trolling question regarding impeachment, “While all eyes there have been on the Democratic candidates, a certain recently-impeached former reality-TV star showed up in town to get his own cup of Iowa nice.”

One interview conducted by Klepper leads to a woman stating, “I’ve read the transcript, meaning like, I’ve watched everybody read it on the news, I haven’t seen the transcript,” among other Trump supporters telling Klepper to “read the transcript.”

Other Trump supporters had slip-ups, which included stating there was no “quid pro crow,” while billing Trump’s “tweetings” as positive, to a shirt with many photos of Trump’s heads posted in it, which Klepper states are his “nightmare.”

Klepper has asked the question at Trump events before, to similar result.

Watch above, via Comedy Central.

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