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This Exists: ABC News Report On Teenage Girls Who Have Been ‘Trained To Fight Demons’

A colleague just brought this story to my attention, and at first I thought it was some kind of leftover joke from April Fools Day. But alas, no. Imagine Charlie’s Angels mixed in with a little bit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and just a pinch of fundamentalism. Yes, three brave teenage girls are out exorcising demons under strict adult supervision. (Said adult being a qualified exorcist, whatever that means.) But the girls say that they’re also under “God’s supervision,” which makes this totally okay now.

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ABC News featured this report last Thursday, and it basically starts off by profiling each of them as if this was a “putting the team together” sequence in a C-list action movie. One of the girls’ fathers is their mentor/demon guide, and he claims that roughly half of the people living in this world have a demon inside them. So look in the mirror, then look at the person standing next to you. One of you has a demon and must undergo a violent ritual immediately.

The father is confronted with charges that he is taking money from people who need proper psychiatric care, but who cares? They’re exorcising demons! I’m sure nothing bad could happen to a person as a result of that!

Now, I suppose I could dismissively mock ABC for thinking this is newsworthy to begin with. But I’m a little hesitant for two reasons. One, it’s a human interest story, I guess, so they’re appealing to the “Aw, isn’t that sweet? They’re kicking ass and taking demons!” demographic. And two, I get a very strong vibe throughout the whole thing that the ABC reporter thinks this is clearly a crock, and the only reason he’s doing it is the same reason people like James Randi have made a career out of challenging supernatural abilities: to expose frauds. So partial kudos to ABC, with just a hint of reserved disdain.

But the biggest reason I’m writing about this is to warn all of you right now that the father is now seriously considering offers from networks to make a reality show based around their exploits, which will be called either Demon Hunters or Teen Demon Hunters. Hey, is there a way we could exorcise unholy programming from a television? I’ll find out if that’s a thing.

Watch the actual report below, courtesy of ABC:

And for the animated Taiwanese version of the story, well, here you go:

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