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Oops! Well-Meaning 80-Year-Old Woman Hilariously ‘Fixes’ Priceless, Century-Old Spanish Fresco

This Exists: Hotel Replacing Bibles With Fifty Shades Of Grey

Real News, Not Porn Plot: Man With World’s Largest Penis Harassed By TSA

Woman Receives Refund After Having To Sit Next To Corpse On International Flight

Happy Monday! Here’s A Video Of A Crazy Anti-Semite In An Elmo Costume Ranting In Central Park!

This Exists: Group Sends Voter Registration Forms To Cat And Dead Dog

Video Of Middle Schoolers Mocking Bus Monitor Is The Most Unpleasant Thing You’ll See Today (UPDATE)

Ewok Actor Could Face Jail Time For Flashing Schoolgirls On Train

How Mitt Romney Helped Send A Boy To College … By Forgetting How To Spell ‘America’

This Video Of A Slinky On A Treadmill Is The Most Dramatic Thing You’ll See All Day. Seriously.

Allegedly Drunk Driver Runs Red Light In The Middle Of News Segment On Crosswalk Safety

This Exists: Website Auctions Off Vial Of President Reagan’s Blood

NY Cop’s Profane Rant Caught On Tape: ‘My D**k Will Go In Your Mouth And Come Out Your Ear’

This Exists: Chris Christie And Cory Booker Team Up For Jersey Rivalry Comedy Sketch

Florida Woman Claims To See Jesus Hidden In Episode Of The Bachelor

Saddest Political Story Of The Year! Husband Runs Against His Own Wife For New York Assembly

Terrifyingly Hilarious: Nebraska Woman Gives The Most Amazingly Bonkers Anti-Gay Rant Ever

This News Story About A Huge Brawl At A Boston Wedding Is The Best Thing You’ll Read Today

Caught…Uh…Bronze Handed?: NJ Mom Arrested For Tanning Daughter In Horrifying News Segment

High School Kids Launch Rubber Chicken Into Space Because It’s Awesome! (And Also For Science)

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