Today Care: Octomom And Her Eight Toddlers Wreak Havoc On Set Of The Today Show

How can one person raise 14 children? That was the question Ann Curry sought to answer this morning on the Today Show as Nadya Suleman and nine of her many children gave their first live television appearance. We got a taste of the logistical nightmare that having this many children is as the interview continuously needed to be stopped as various Today anchors chased the wandering children around the set.

For her part, Suleman tried to explain that the children’s rambunctiousness (which really wasn’t that bad considering their age and number) as unusual and caused by lack of sleep. More importantly though, she also said that the recent headline-making interview in In Touch was completely fabricated, that she never talked to them, and that she was considering legal action. Curry asked how she deals with all the nasty things written about her on the Internet and Suleman said she doesn’t read it as it would be of no help to the kids to focus on her regrets now. She also said that she can’t worry about the fear of not giving any one of her kids enough attention.

Still, one has to wonder, when a professional Today cameraman is having a hard time getting all of the kids in focus without leaving one out, how can a mother do that with parenting?

Side note: Worst part of the segment? Curry trying to shoehorn Casey Anthony into the discussion.

Watch the clip from NBC below:

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