Touré Explains Why There’s No White History Month


Today isn’t just Valentine’s Day, it’s also the halfway mark in Black History Month, the shortest of all History Months. In honor of the occasion, The Cycle co-host Touré delivered a commentary that attempted to explain one of the enduring mysteries of Black History Month, and which included a modest proposal to give white people some way of gaining an advantage from their race.

The question has baffled countless generations since the beginning of Black History Month way back in 1976: why is there no White History Month? To even ponder this enigma is to flirt with next-level dilemmas like why there’s no Whiteula, or Whitenstein, or why won’t anyone ever call us Mr. Tibbs?

Thankfully, Touré is up to the task, comparing the question to “fish not noticing water,” and quoting Chauncey de Vega of We Are Respectable Negroes comparing white angst over the month to “being a kid with all the toys in the world, and going to a birthday party and getting mad because another kid got a toy.”

Never one to simply curse the darkness, or blackness in this case, Touré offers up a solution: a “Race Card” for white people. The card would allow white people to use their race to get an advantage, and as Touré says, “it can be used at job sites, shopping malls, police stops, wherever where race matters.”

“The genius of it is that works just as white privilege does,” he continues. “You need do nothing to activate it. The advantage happens automatically, just like White History Month happens automatically.”

Here’s the clip, from MSNBC’s The Cycle:

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