Trevor Noah Pays Tribute to Scaramucci: ‘Late July 2017 – Slightly Later July 2017’

On Monday night, Trevor Noah addressed the latest White House shakeup that led to the ouster of incoming White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci.

“Wait, what?!?” Noah exclaimed. “He just got here!”

The Daily Show host pointed out that Scaramucci’s job didn’t even technically start until August 15.

“The guy got fired…before the job began,” he stated. “That’s like waking up in the morning, looking at the newspaper that says ‘Help Wanted But Not You.'”

He compared Scaramucci to “the song of the summer” and that he “came into our lives, made everyone obsessed with him for like a week” and “left us with nothing but memories and a bunch of weird moves,” which was a reference to his numerous hand gestures.

Noah then played an in memoriam montage featuring Scaramucci’s best moments, including when he said, “I’m not Steve Bannon. I’m not trying to my own c**k.”

“Anthony Scaramucci: Late July 2017 – Slightly Later July 2017,” the montage concluded.

Noah also mentioned how President Trump is “sending himself to boarding school” by hiring Gen. John Kelly as the new White House Chief of Staff.

“If you don’t know Gen. Kelly, he was in the Marines for 45 years, he commanded forces during the invasion of Iraq. Basically what I’m saying is — I don’t know he’s ready for this,” he quipped.

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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