Trump Campaign Staffer Complains That Supporters Listened to Media and Stayed Away From Tulsa Rally


Trump campaign Communications Director Tim Murtaugh complained about the smaller than expected crowd at President Donald Trump’s rally on Saturday, blaming the low turn out on the fact that supporters listened to the media regarding the coronavirus concerns.

Fox News host Melissa Francis asked Murtaugh to explain the rally’s attendance numbers when the Trump campaign had claimed over a million people had registered for tickets.

“We went through more than a week’s worth of constant negative media coverage from cable news networks, mostly offensive would be like CNN and MSNBC, telling people that the most dangerous place in the world that they could be would it be at a Trump rally,” he said before noting that there are also usually more children and families in attendance.

Murtaugh guessed that Trump supporters were too scared to attend the rally because media outlets insisted that the coronavirus was still a threat and because there were rumors of protesters demonstrating outside of the venue.

The campaign staffer insisted that 12,000 people showed up — a number he was pleased with considering the warnings coming from the media

“How many people do you think it is that go to a Trump rally who watch MSNBC or CNN?” Francis pushed back. “I don’t think those are a lot of people that watch those.”

Murtaugh noted that the warnings did not only stem from MSNBC and CNN, but that all media outlets had discouraged attending the Trump rally.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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