Trump Complains That Media Blames Him For Bomb Scares But Didn’t Blame Obama For Charleston Church Massacre


In the mind of President Donald Trump, it doesn’t compute why some people are blaming him for last week’s bomb scares while his predecessor was never blamed for the white supremacist who gunned down churchgoers in South Carolina.

Fox News’s Laura Ingraham interviewed the president on Monday night, and during the conversation, Trump refused to take any blame for the “insane” supporter of his who was arrested this past Friday for allegedly sending IEDs to the media and to the president’s critics. Instead, Trump invoked the justification his administration has relied on lately about how Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was never blamed personally for the 2017 Congressional Baseball Shooting — which was carried out by a Sanders supporter.

From there, Trump complained that former president Barack Obama was never held responsible for the 2015 Charleston Church Shooting.

“I was in the headline of the Washington Post, my name associated with this crazy bomber. Trump bomber or something. But I was in the headline… when they got him. They didn’t say ‘bomber found’ they talked about Trump in the headline. Now they didn’t do that with Bernie Sanders when he had – they didn’t do that with the Democrats when other people came at – they didn’t do that with President Obama with the church, the horrible situation with the church – they didn’t do that. They put my name in the headlines. When I say “enemy of the people” I’m talking about the fake news and it is fake.”

Coincidentally, UN ambassador and former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley offered this Monday night reflection on the Charleston massacre. In this case, she connected it to the recent conversations about whether Trump needs to accept responsibility for his contribution to the divided state of the nation.

Interestingly, Haley once alluded to Trump when she spoke of how divisive rhetoric can lead to tragedies like the church shooting.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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