Trump DOJ Official Jeffrey Clark Appears on Tucker Carlson to Condemn ‘Stasi-Like’ FBI Raid on Home


Former Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Clark gave an interview with Tucker Carlson after the FBI raided his house on Wednesday.

Clark loomed large in Thursday’s news cycle. In addition to the raid, which was first reported on Thursday, he was a key topic of discussion in the day’s Jan. 6 committee hearing. Former Department of Justice officials in the Donald Trump administration testified Clark was a central figure in Trump’s plan to remain in power after he lost the 2020 election.

One White House lawyer said Clark hoped Trump would appoint him acting attorney general so he could carry out a plan that the lawyer said was a felony. Other officials called it “nuts” and a “murder-suicide pact.” Clark wanted the DOJ to tell top Georgia officials the department had found evidence of voter fraud and to call a special session in order to send a slate of Trump electors to be certified in Washington.

Biden won the state and no evidence of widespread voter fraud was ever found.

This fact was not mentioned during Thursday’s segment on Fox News. Carlson simply stated, “What he did wrong was simply call for an investigation into voter fraud.”

Carlson called the raid “Soviet.”

“It is,” responded Clark, who explained that agents searched his house for three and half hours.

“At what point can we say the Department of Justice, where you once served, is a political instrument, it’s completely out of control?” Carlson asked.

“Yeah, I think this is highly politicized and it’s also part, Tucker if you didn’t know it, of a nationwide effort yesterday,” Clark replied. “There were multiple states where multiple people were roughly simultaneously raided for their electronic devices. And that obviously requires a high level of coordination.”

Clark added, “I just think we’re living in an era that I don’t recognize and increasingly, Tucker, I don’t recognize the country anymore with these Stasi-like things happening.”

The Stasi were the secret police of communist East Germany.

“Yeah, this is Stalinist,” replied Carlson. “At some point, somebody’s gonna fight back and it’s going to get super ugly. I pray that it doesn’t happen but I think it probably will.”

At one point during the segment, a chyron read, “DOJ raids home of former Trump employee.”

As a Department of Justice official, Clark was not a “Trump employee,” but a U.S. government employee.

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