Trump Eviscerates DOJ Lawyer Bruce Ohr As a ‘Disgrace’: I’ll Pull His Clearance


President Donald Trump‘s target du jour is a DOJ operative who had some level of interaction with Christopher Steele — the British intelligence officer who compiled the dossier of potentially incriminating information about the president.

“I think Bruce Ohr is a disgrace,” Trump said to press outside the White House — referencing the officer. “I suspect I will be taking [his security clearance] away very quickly.”

“I think Bruce Ohr is a disgrace with his wife Nellie,” Trump continued, referring to Nellie Ohr‘s work with Fusion GPS, the company which helped compile the Steele dossier. “For him to be in the Justice Department and to be doing what he did, that is a disgrace.”

Very little is actually known about Ohr’s involvement with Steele and with the compilation of the dossier.

“Some have speculated that the FBI used the Ohr channel as a way to continue to get information from Steele even though the relationship had been officially terminated,” The Washington Post reports. “But it is not clear what Ohr relayed to the FBI — and whether the FBI even used the information.”

Meanwhile, Trump said that Ohr’s actions are “disqualifying for Mueller and Mr. Mueller has a lot of conflicts,” trying to cast aspersions on the special counsel for the umpteenth time. “Mr. Mueller is highly conflicted. In fact, Comey is like his best friend. I could go into conflict after conflict. But sadly, Mr. Mueller is conflicted.”

“But let him write his report,” Trump added. “We did nothing. There is no collusion. But if he was doing an honest report, he would write it on the other side because when you look at criminality and you look at problems, take a look at what they did, including colluding with the Russians, the other side.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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