Trump Falsely Claims He Won the Women’s Vote in 2016: I Got More Than Hillary Did


While the 2016 election is long over, President Donald Trump apparently still doesn’t have the vote tallies straight.

During a Thursday Granite City, IL speech at one of U.S. Steel’s mill, Trump touted job numbers, giving himself a pat on the back for recent employment growth before erroneously claiming he secured the majority of the women’s vote.

Addressing a cheering crowd, Trump said, “I did win that women’s vote, didn’t I? Remember? Remember they said, why would women vote for Trump? I don’t know, but I got more than she did. That’s pretty good.”

Contrary to Trump’s assertion, 54 percent of women as a whole voted for his challenger, Hillary Clinton, compared to his 42 percent, according to Quartz. However, if that number is broken down by race, it becomes clear white women favored Trump more strongly over Clinton.

But that’s not the first time Trump has promoted false portrayals of the results. During a Pennsylvania rally last March, he said he’d received 52 percent of the female vote, despite having gotten drastically less.

Watch the clip above via Fox Business Network.

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