Trump Supporters Threaten to Boycott The Goldbergs After Creator Criticized The President… From Spaceballs

Adam F. Goldberg, the creator of the ABC ’80s-themed family sitcom The Goldbergs, received backlash from Trump supporters after he criticized the president.

No, not President Trump. President Skroob from Spaceballs.

The controversy began over the weekend when he tweeted this picture of his broken Spaceballs action figure.

Some Twitter users interpreted the tweet to be a veiled shot at our president when in reality he was literally talking about the fictional character played by Mel Brooks.

The more he tweeted about President Skroob, the more people thought he was talking about President Trump. And it seemed  Goldberg was having a little fun amid the mix-up.

He tried to make it clear numerous times that he was not referring to our president, but some Trump supporters weren’t buying it.

Some Twitter users came to defend Goldberg using the hashtag #NotMySkroob.

After this entire ordeal, Goldberg lost over a thousand Twitter followers, many of whom pledge not to watch The Goldbergs ever again. Goldberg then issued this Twitter poll.

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