Trump Tells Sean Hannity: The Media ‘Owe YOU an Apology’


In their conversation on Thursday, Fox’s Sean Hannity and President Donald Trump naturally took some time to aim fire at the media, and in particular talked about whether the President is owed an apology after the Mueller report found no collusion. Trump thinks so, but not just to him.

“The Washington Post, New York Times received Pulitzers for their quote coverage of the Russian probe,” said Hannity with a chuckle. “You’ve seen the coverage over two plus years. Russia, Russia, Russia. Trump, Trump, Trump. Collusion, collusion, collusion. Mueller report couldn’t be any more clear on the issue specifically.”

“Do you think the news media in this country and their coverage on this, owes you an apology?” he asked.

“Well, they do owe me an apology. A big one,” said Trump, who was speaking to Hannity by phone. “They owe you an apology, and all of the people that you mentioned previously, and so many other people…”

“I’m not holding my breath,” said Hannity.

“We actually had a lot of support. I mean, I watch you and Tucker, and I watch Laura and your great guys in the morning with Steve and Ainsley and Brian. Brian came a long way. I kid him, but he came a long way. And so many other people,” he continued. “And not only on Fox, in all fairness. But you look at Jesse’s been so great, and just so many people. But really we had a lot of support.”

Trump also mentioned the Washington Times positively before saying “but…generally speaking, it’s corrupt reporting. Generally speaking, it was fake news.”

“They were fake, they were corrupt. And if they could change I would be the first one to say I respect the fact that you have changed. If they don’t change, they have lost all credibility,” Trump went on. He praised several other Fox News figures as he went on, and singled out NBC and CNN for criticism, and said media reporting has been “just fake, horrible stuff.”

The entire exchange was essentially Trump running down the roster of Fox News Channel personalities offering praise for their support, leading into Hannity segueing to the next topic by saying, “Mr. Persident, I’ve known you personally for well over two decades”… a factoid he’s dropped on his show on many, many occasions.

Watch above, courtesy of FOX News Channel.

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